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How to Dilute Liquid Soap Paste

Homemade Liquid Soap


Our zero waste efforts allows us to make and sell sustainable products made products using a simple product called Soap Paste.


Soap Paste is made out of water, oil and lye. Once these three products are cooked it creates a paste. This is the step before liquid soap is made.

We’re excited to offer our unique product. The Refill Bus’s soap paste is catered too conscious consumers where they can customized their own cleaning and personal care products based on their specific skin and hair types.

The Refill Bus is in its initial stages. We’re still designing our branding and marketing and we need your help to decide on logo design and products sold. Please feel free to follow us on IG and Facebook.

first draft of the bus!!

For more detailed information there’s a really cool blog called The Things Well Make, you can also read their Dilute Home Made Soap Paste make sure you follow them, they have great information.