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How to Dilute Liquid Soap Paste

THE REFILL BUS Our zero waste efforts allows us to make and sell sustainable products made products using a simple product called Soap Paste. What is SOAP PASTE? Soap Paste is made out of water, oil and lye. Once these three products are cooked it creates a paste. This is the step before liquid soap…

The ReFILL BUS Build

Installing the floor and vent has been an interesting process. Making sure the floor is perfect has been an Obsession! The floor is the foundation of the bus! Using wood wasn’t my first options but the heat is real in Miami and need insulation in the floor to keep to cool in is critical. There…

Eliminating Waste

The Refill Bus (TRB) mission is to eliminate the amount of single use plastic in the waste stream, by implementing a refill technology where customers can dispense daily personal care products, and cleaning products on tap and paste. Our goal is to give access to zero waste items to low income communities. 

Welcome to Zero Waste Life

Although people might think zero waste is a new concept introduced to society with Sustainability issues, it is not. For many years we can talk about this, from clothes production, to composting and up to a variety of things where we can apply it.  A good example of this is in the Fashion Industry, where…


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