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How to Dilute Liquid Soap Paste

Homemade Liquid Soap


Our zero waste efforts allows us to make and sell sustainable products made products using a simple product called Soap Paste.


Soap Paste is made out of water, oil and lye. Once these three products are cooked it creates a paste. This is the step before liquid soap is made.

We’re excited to offer our unique product. The Refill Bus’s soap paste is catered too conscious consumers where they can customized their own cleaning and personal care products based on their specific skin and hair types.

The Refill Bus is in its initial stages. We’re still designing our branding and marketing and we need your help to decide on logo design and products sold. Please feel free to follow us on IG and Facebook.

first draft of the bus!!

For more detailed information there’s a really cool blog called The Things Well Make, you can also read their Dilute Home Made Soap Paste make sure you follow them, they have great information.

The ReFILL BUS Build

Installing the floor and vent has been an interesting process. Making sure the floor is perfect has been an Obsession! The floor is the foundation of the bus! Using wood wasn’t my first options but the heat is real in Miami and need insulation in the floor to keep to cool in is critical. There was a small leak in the vent and I had to install a new one. Hopefully this will stop the leak.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the process. I’d like to be as transparent as possible and create magical things with this bus! Thank you for your support and I look forward sharing my journey with my Bus!

Eliminating Waste

The Refill Bus (TRB) mission is to eliminate the amount of single use plastic in the waste stream, by implementing a refill technology where customers can dispense daily personal care products, and cleaning products on tap and paste.

Our goal is to give access to zero waste items to low income communities. 

Welcome to Zero Waste Life

Although people might think zero waste is a new concept introduced to society with Sustainability issues, it is not. For many years we can talk about this, from clothes production, to composting and up to a variety of things where we can apply it. 

A good example of this is in the Fashion Industry, where Kimonos, Saris and other traditional costumes use all fabric and leave no traces. Also, in traditional communities where plastic is not that present, composting is way more present since there’s no trash bags or bins to throw them away. It’s a natural process to give back to nature what she has given us.

Right now, our world produces 270 million tonnes of Global Primary Plastic per year. Is it really necessary? And, if these numbers scares you, the Global Plastic Waste is 275 million tonnes a year, more than we produce. That means we’re leading into a global chrysis. From the 80’s since today, numbers keep growing frighteningly.

Zero Waste Journey is meant for those who agree that we need and must make a change in our habits, because our world is slowly dying. Global warming keeps growing up everyday and it is our job to take care of the world that has always taken care of us.

Sustainability is not meant to be expensive or just for a portion of society that has money for access to eco-friendly products, and that is our mission here at The Refill Bus, give access to sustainable products to low income communities.

Welcome to our blog!